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When we talk about materials, we mean: business plan (can be in abbreviat form, business or lean model canvas), project specification (with functional and nonfunctional requirements), project mockups (UX, user paths, website flow, information architecture), graphic designs (UI design). It often happens that customers cannot prepare the list materials on their own.

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Then they have the opportunity to develop them together with our team. Types of IT project valuations that Droptica prepares for France Mobile Database various companies Project valuation without specific functionalities When the customer fills in our contact form, he will receive an invitation to an online meeting from our specialist. The purpose of such a conversation is to ask some important questions so that our team can understand the idea of ​​​​the project and learn about its complexity.

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Typically, such meetings are at the business level, so they do not require technical knowlge. If during the conversation we see deficiencies WS Numbers in any of the previously mention materials, we usually suggest starting cooperation with consultations and workshops. Such activities are valuable, because after developing appropriate materials with us, the client can use them freely. Workshops have two fundamental advantages. First, bas on our experience, the client minimizes the risk of problems in the future.

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