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Print blurry photos images of alcohol tobacco will not pass the review Write clear text and add high quality graphics to your ad Not only does this help to convey restraint but it also helps to find a response in the minds of potential buyers announcements and advertisement posts Printing errors mistakes jargon obscene language and a large number of emoticons have also become the reasons for the rejection of advertisements Personalization in advertising On the one hand it works well But on the other hand a large.

How to pass the review of advertisements

Number of users get scar if their name  develop Turkey Phone Number List some distrust of search engines believing that neural networks are spying on them The employees of Appreciate the nerves of users and they try to protect them therefore they recommend not using the name in the advertisement but using a more streamlin appeal If the ad is reject read what the moderators wrote in the comments Often in addition to linking to rule items employees leave explanations to advertisers about exactly what nes to be correct There may be a typo or an additional disclaimer may be requir Make the necessary changes update the ad status to Start and submit the.

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Is mention in the ad People have

Creative for re review How to pass  ad posts WS Numbers In our course we tell you how it works now teach you how to create accounts and communities create content plans to promote any goods and services set up target ads use social networking tools and analyze the results Sign up for a course on how to check ad posts before launching using our checklist Corresponds to the theme of the community or website It is not comparable No personalization Follow the rules of the.

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