Services in SOA are designed to minimize

Allow easy integration with different systems. Reuse: SOA encourages the development of reusable services that can be combineto create new applications or improve existing ones. Interoperability: Services in SOA use standard protocols and interfaces to communicate, enabling easy integration between different systems and technologies. Service orchestration. In SOA, services are orga through a central process that defines how different services interact to achieve a specific goal. Pros and Cons of Service Orien Architecture (SOA) Pros: Encourages the development of reusable services by ucing the effort requirto build and maintain complex applications. Provides greater flexibility in technology selection and integration with external systems.

Isolates changes to a particular service

Minimizing the impact of updates or modifications on other parts of the system. Minuses: Can be complex to develop and manage as it requires Uruguay Mobile Database coordination across multiple services and systems. A complex change in development and organization processes may be requir to move towards a service-oriented mindset. Potentially increases development time as SOA implementation requires multiple services to be creat and coordinat.

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Event Driven Architecture Event Driven

Architecture (EDA) is a software design approach based on the concepts of events, event handlers, and event emitters. This architecture promotes loose WS Numbers coupling and asynchronous communication within the system. EDA-based applications respond to events, such as user interaction or data changes, to perform necessary processes and communicate with other components. In EDA, components publish events that are received and processed by other components, called subscribers. Events pass through the event bus or message queue, which provides scalability and greater fault tolerance. Since the components are not explicitly dependent on each other, the architecture makes it easy to modify and expand the system. In addition, event-driven systems have a high level of concurrency and can efficiently process many requests in real time.

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