Monolithic architecture Microservice architecture

Serverless architecture Service Orien Architecture (SOA) Event Driven Architecture Understanding each type of architecture. Will help you make an inform decision when choosing the.  Best approach for your project. Monolithic architecture A monolithic architecture is a traditional software design in which the entire application is built as a single entity. In this type of architecture, all components of a software system, including the user interface (UI), business logic, and data processing layers, are tightly integrat into a single code base. pros Simplicity.

The monolithic architecture is easy to develop

Deploy and maintain. Since all components are part of a single code base, the development process is simpliand. The application can be deploy as a Turkey Mobile Database single unit. Ease of Testing: Since the entire application is integrat it may be easier to perform end-to-end testing to fully verify system functionality. Performance: Monolithic applications generally perform better than other architectures because all components are in the same process with fewer network interactions or inter-process calls. Minuses Scalability Limitations.

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As an application grows it becomes increasingly

Difficult to scale a monolithic application, as all components must scale together. Independent scaling of certain parts of the system becomes difficult, resulting in inefficient use of resources. Lack of flexibility. The tight coupling between components in a WS Numbers monolithic application affects the flexibility of the system, making it difficult to modify or update individual components without affecting the entire application. Increarisk of failure. As the complexity of a monolithic application increases, so does the risk of failure. A single error or problem in one part of the system can have cascading consequences, potentially resulting in a system-wide failure. Monolithic architectures are best suit for small to mium sizrojects with well-defiand stable requirements.

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