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Anyone who tipes the correct world . The idea of ​​promoting one’s own product through an association with an event. akin to an official sponsor. to achieve the maximum possible impact with as little money as possible is not new. During the World Cup in Germany in . Dutch beer brand Bavaria tri to carry out an ambush. To this end. Bavaria distribut . pairs of orange leather pants with the Bavarian advertising stamp before and during the World Cup. Hope Dutch fans wear these leather pants during the World Cup in Germany and take them to the stadium. That hope was realiz. at least initially. During the qualifying match between the.

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Netherlands and Côte d’Ivoire. thousands Belize Phone Number List of Dutch fans show  a lot of attention. However. FIFA react quickly. banning leather trousers from the pitch for subsequent matches if they did not want to remove their conspicuous trousers. However. the fact that several Dutchmen play in underwear at the World Cup has attract a lot of mia attention. It can be assum that the move would not have attract much attention if FIFA hadn’t block it. Although ambush marketing is more widely recogniz in the field. marketing also has some applications in the context of trade shows. conventions. and major events. Another successful example of ambush.

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Marketing exemplifi by a sporting goods WS Numbers manufacturer’s campaign. Nike sponsor Heinrich. a -year-old runner. when he ran the Berlin  its own products. In addition. they increase mia attention with Heinrich posters and their own Heinrich newspaper. With this. Nike has attract more attention than the official sponsor of the marathon. Adidas. These interesting and successful examples show the successful combination of sports and marketing Even industry giants try to get the most attention with as few resources as possible. Do you want to learn more about ambush.

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