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However. the bomb turn out to be a dud. and despite a flood of user requests to try it out. few ever got a chance to do so. . The proposal. aim at smartphone users. has not been well receiv by internet users. The new interface. which is neither an ordinary application nor an operating system. has not gain the expect popularity. Even marketers don’t appreciate it. accusing it of overly interfering with smartphones and limiting many of their features. . Leave hashtags to Facebook. despite many Internet users asking for the ability to mark posts with a cross. but the popularity of Facebook remains relatively small compar with Zuckerberg’s biggest rival. Last year. ad creators got some convenience when running their marketing campaigns.

The most significant changes include

Removing the ban on hosting contests on the timeline and what may appear on the cover photo. The long-await message function also arous the joy of administrators. . Video ads go astray The video ad that was already buzzing in April has yet to be releas. Advertisers are racking their brains. but the mood of ordinary users who have oppos this form of promotion from the beginning is completely different. While most of the ideas Iran B2B List were not popular with internet users. the portal saw a big jump in revenue last year. The number of users is also impressive. according to the third quarter report. the number of users reach . billion people. 

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Experts making prictions agree

That there will be real challenges ahead for what will be celebrat in . Of course. the service will continue to grow in the mobile space and focus on improving advertising. which will bring it handsome profits. Although the youngest users are becoming more and more interest in and. and some people think that the portal is starting to become boring. on the other hand. it is becoming more and more popular among the huge Asian market and advertisers. Therefore. all that remains is to observe Further efforts by the founder to see if it brings WS Numbers him success or failure after a few months.


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