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The software us for load balancing can be install on a virtual machine and can act as an application delivery controller. On the other hand, the cloud solution is the most flexible choice. Algorithm selection The separation of traffic that goes to the load balancer depends on the type of algorithm us. The four most famous algorithms are Round Robin, Weight Round Robin, Least Connections and Weight Least Connections. Round Robin is the simplest mechanism that creates a queue of incoming requests, and requests are allocat sequentially.

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Depending on the availability of machines, without a specific priority. Weight Round Robin works bas on a weighting system, so traffic will Jordan Mobile Database be direct to the server with the higher weighting. The Least Connections algorithm queries the server with the fewest active connections. Weight Least Connections is bas on the number of queries for each machine and the assign weight. Using a load balancer to handle Depending on the configuration, the load balancer may take over the responsibility for handling.

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Then, the domain certificate is not on the application server, but on the load balancer, which forwards requests to application WS Numbers servers via HTTP, while allowing to ruce the load on back-end application servers. Conducting fitness tests An equally important feature available in the load balancer is server health checks. There is no point in querying unavailable or questionable hosts. Load balancers regularly perform health checks on servers to ensure that they can serve requests.

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