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Make a difference Returning to the example of an online store, without the use of the backend, the store would only be a product catalog, where changing any description or photo would require knowlge of HTML. When the user wants to place an order, it is the server part of the application that creates the order in the database and securely handles the payment. The backend also plays an important role in terms of security . It has access to a database where sensitive user data is often stor. In order to ensure security, the backend should implement various security methods, such as data encryption, user authentication or data access restriction.

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The importance of backend for websites The backend has many purposes in modern websites. is a paid stock market research site, but it Saudi Arabia Mobile Database offers quite a bit to the user with a basic account as well. It is primarily access to detail data on hundrs of brands from around the world in the Stock Screener tool . Automatically updat data is collect in clear tables. They can be search using the built-in filters and search engine or switch between different tables Zen Score, price, forecasts, profit, dividends, technical data, etc.). Below the tables are instructions to help you use the Stock Screener.

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Stock Screener, available for free on the stock research website, collects detail data After clicking the link hidden in the table under the WS Numbers name of a specific company, the user is transferr to detail information about it. There, he can find not only the value of the shares and information about the place in the Zen ranking, but also interpretations of the data (mark in green and r for easy understanding) and links to news about the brand. In the Stock Ideas section , the investor will find additional statements.

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