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Nor is there a carrot strong enough to entice Nicaragua’s ruling couple to hand over power and risk prosecution by the International Criminal Court. Ironically for the regime’s opponents, Nicaragua continues to rely on the Unitd States for trade, investment and military cooperation. American hegemony is fading, but the Biden administration appears willing to do whatever it can to tighten its grip on Nicaragua. However, the suspension of trade relations will hurt Nicaragua’s poor.

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More than the political elite, and economic sanctions cannot work without widespread compliance. Other states could choose not to recognize Ortega’s government and bar international financial institutions from continuing to fund it. Whatever happens, the Ecuador Mobile Database nd for democracy will be expressd in terms of the nd for free and fair elections, but policymakers should define democracy more broadly because without deeper reforms to end fear and reopen political space, It would be impossible to hold good elections and separate Sandinism from the state.

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For his defenders, Francis did just the WS Numbers opposite: retracing the pro-capitalist prejudice inherited from Pope John Paul II and the Cold War, redirecting Catholicism into its own territory: the fraternity and equality that Jesus preached. In this framework, the numerous controversies that exist reflect the political and theological heterogeneity that has nurtured the different actors that make up the Catholic community and differ in countless ways.

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