London gives red card to Qatar tourist advertising on public transport

In the World Cup in Qatar, controversies (absolutely omnipresent) are stealing all the focus from the goals on the field of play , which should be the undisputed protagonists in the FIFA tournament. And news that is completely unrelated to the universe of football constantly emerges from the competition. Transport for London , the body in charge of managing public transport in London, has decided to eliminate all traces of Qatar advertising in its domains in protest of the violation of human rights that occurs in the Middle Eastern country.

Qatar will review its investments in London 

In London, investments from Qatar are absolutely ubiquitous. Not in vain, the famous Harrods shopping center chain belongs to investors of top industry data Qatari origin, who are also the owners of the famous skyscraper “The Shard.” Qatar also has stakes in London’s largest airport, Heathrow, and several hotel chains. In addition, the Arab state is one of the United Kingdom’s most important suppliers in the field of energy. For its part, Transport for London admits that some Qatari tourism advertisements have indeed made their way onto its public transport network following the ban imposed in 2019.

London's public transport network

Accept advertisements that encourage people to watch World Cup matches on television or streaming video services or that support the WS Numbers national teams that compete there. Campaigns that include the official FIFA Cup slogan will also have carte blanche. However, those advertisements that promote tourism in Qatar and portray this country as a desirable destination will be banished for the moment from the Transport for London network, points out the spokesperson for this organization. Advertising that encourages fans to travel to Qatar to watch World Cup matches in person or attend other events in the Arab emirate will also have no place on London’s public transport network.

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