Let’s talk briefly about each one

Content. external links. Campaign maintenance. How to scale results Maintain production. Increase m.ia investment D.ication Constant. It can be sporadic (the campaign can be temporary). You got the general idea. right? Now. the big question would be: why does Google ne. to keep the two separate? There’s no secret. because the search engine’s entire business model is bas. on this separation. Why should the two types of search be separat.? Why should the two types of search be separat.? We have already mention. it here. and you are certainly aware of several platforms that are bas. on advertising: TV channels; radio stations; magazines; content portals; newspapers; blogs; social m.ia profiles; etc.

And how did she achieve this reputation

 It’s quite simple to speculate how they all evolv. into this business model: the channel is creat.; channel starts producing relevant content; the content attracts attention and generates an audience; the public starts to follow the channel; the channel consolidates itself with a following base; the channel begins to sell this reputation to advertisers. This is exactly the same as what happen. with Google. In the beginning there were no advertisers because the search engine had no reputation. And how did she achieve this reputation? It focus. on its user . ensuring that they would find the best search results. Even today. people still trust Google  special data  because they still believe it has the best answers. In other words. no different from other channels. what generates this authority for the search engine is the trust of its audience. Your impartiality.

Never let advertisers interfere with your impartiality

 If a magazine starts selling articles (and not just ads) to companies. will you continue to trust its content? Of course not? It’s the same thing with our friend Google. In the end. we are talking about a vicious circle: Google delivers the best answers; user trusts Google; search engine gains reputation; advertiser values ​​this reputation; Google sells ads. So. the biggest search engine in the world can never stop offering organic search. And above all. you can never let advertisers interfere with your impartiality – which is what maintains Google’s authority among those who use the search tool. Debunking the myths Even though  WS Numbers everything we cover here makes perfect sense. it is still possible to hear some myths when we talk about the relationship between SEO and advertising on Google.

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