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At Wal-Mart Laura and Jim’s Road call Wal Czech Republic Phone Number List Mart Across America was born. The first post start like this. We are not bloggers. but since our lives are more journeys than destinations. we are explorers at heart and we thought we should give it a try. The blog was suppos to cover Laura and Jim’s trip from Las Vegas to Georgia in an RV. When the couple travels across the US. they always stop and camp at Walmarts. Walmart allows RV owners to sleep in customer parking for free. which is nothing special. as almost all long-term RV owners are familiar with it. Laura and Jim blog about the different sights. cities and experiences they travel with people on their travels. However. it was Walmart employees who were most often mention.

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Every employee great faith in his WS Numbers company. For example. a blog post is titl From Cashier to Manager. She was once a cashier and now works as a project manager in the corporate strategy sustainability department and works on environmental protection. it was talk about. She said Walmart is working toward a goal of using only renewable resources. arrive years. packaging should no longer generate waste. After a while. however. this post praising Walmart and its employees became apparent. and readers of the blog were first skeptical. Plus. all the employees in the photo look photogenic and have made a career leap. However. the blog remain popular until Business Week disclos.

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