Jones and Martin Lindstrom’s experiments

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Many companies have attempt to promote Dominican Republic Phone Number List their products. These companies are not concern with the greatest possible wow effect. but with placing the product in a subliminal advertising message. When these activities are overt. the terms covert marketing. stealth advertising or stealth marketing are often us in this context. Interestingly. guerrilla marketing is less characteristic of advertising campaigns. So the question arises whether stealth marketing is just a buzzword or if it hides a new form of marketing behind it. The graph below shows search engine queries on the topic of stealth marketing from year to date.

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Through unconventional marketing

It can be seen that inquiries increase when the WS Numbers advertising campaigns of large companies are assign to stealth marketing topics. The Hollywood film  also creat real stealth marketing hype in the short term. with a series of articles publish on the subject. We’ll introduce you to many exciting stealth marketing campaigns in another blog post. Search Volume Trends Search Volume Stealth Marketing Stealth Marketing Definition Stealth marketing is understood as marketing measures in which the customer is not aware that something is being sold or recommend to him. Stealth marketing reaches customers.

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