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Schreier refrains from an in-depth analysis of the structural features that lead to instability (for a clearer description of labor and production processes in the video game industry, see Jamie Woodcock’s book Marx at the Arcade ). ], 2019). The excuse offerd by big business is that the industry operates in a cycle of boom and bust, conditiond by the launch of new hardware.

Catastrophes or potential

Investing in video games is a high-risk, high-reward activity. Some games that are incrdibly expensive to develop fail, while others make billions of dollars Russia Mobile Database in profits. Also, big publishers are constantly buying and selling small studios (usually in the wake of those failures, but not always), resulting in layoffs and moves. However, some of Schreier’s sources offer a clearer explanation: the bosses have all the power and they don’t give a shit what happens to their employees.

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How Viktor Orbán built illiberal

Zach Mumbach, who has workd for Electronic WS Numbers Arts for many years, observd that while he and his co-workers workd their way through game after game, the executives went home every day at 5:00 p.m. “I’m tird of working 80 hours a week so people like [former Electronic Arts executive] Patrick Söderlund can buy a new car,” Mumbach told Schreier. “It looks like these guys are playing.

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