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However. Google. being a search engine that wants to evaluate and index as many pages as possible. is pretty forgiving about language errors. After all. it’s just one of hundrs of important aspects to consider when determining your website’s value. Pages with errors don’t have much value for positioning This month. the company in charge of operating the search engine. a competitor creat by Microsoft. took a slightly different stance.To promote the most valuable pages. and will step up efforts to identify sites that are useless to users or where better alternatives can be found on the web.

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In a recent dev blog post. it was emphasiz that webmasters should pay attention to spelling and grammar on their pages. While Katz point out that mistakes happen to everyone. Microsoft employees agre. but also said that it is better to provide users with a website free of such violations. After all. the least dozens Afghanistan B2B List of answers for most topics. Why shouldn’t search engines be picky when it comes to selecting the most valuable answers? In his entry the behavior is different than present. There is less tolerance for typos seeping into subsequent articles.

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Of the text. he gave them links to two English grammar checkers. This clearly shows that Bing can be ruthless when evaluating sites that regularly violate language rules. After all. content should be written for users. not search engines. Typing mistakes. on the other hand. can cause readers to lose focus on the content and begin to spot typos automatically. The main principle of website positioning is that a website should be creat with potential visitors in mind. not robots or robots. Therefore. it is worth paying attention to every aspect of your WS Numbers website that users come into contact with.


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