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Is it possible to not have a register office or permanent place of business in Poland. Registration of a foreign company for VAT in Poland importing goods with customs clearance. Into the territory of Poland Eport of goods from Polish territory outside the EU Having. A call off-stock warehouse Conducting intra-Community distance sales of goods EES. Which are locat in Poland at the time of shipment or transport. Provision of services whose place of taation is Poland. Shipment of goods from the warehouse from Poland Let us remember that in the e-commerce VAT package was introduc.

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For settling the delivery of goods under ESPO or the provision of among others telecommunications broadcasting and internet services. If an entrepreneur including a foreign one does not use the simplifi OSS procure. He or she will be oblig to register for VAT philippines photo editor in the consumer’s country. Even if it is register with OSS and the goods are sent from a country other than the country of registration. There will also be an obligation to register for VAT in the country where the warehouses are locat. This is the case for eample when using the FBA module when selling via the Amazon platform.

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Register for VAT in Poland? Registration for VAT in Poland is made on the VAT-R form regardless of whether it is done by a domestic or foreign entity. Entities without a register office or permanent place of business in Poland submit a registration application to the WS Numbers Head of the Second Ta Office in Warsaw-Śródmieście. Most often a foreign entity that registers for VAT in Poland must also be a register VAT-EU tapayer Registration must be complet before the first sale of goods or services subject to VAT. A foreign company must prepare slightly more documents for registration. Documents requir.

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