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Will it meet the specific nes of companies that organize and conduct various types of training? Will the CRM system handle the entire training ie preparation of materials. Recruitment of trainers and speakers telephone campaigns participant lists invoicing and certification. Is Firmao a CRM system for a training company? Definitely yes. As you read this entry you will learn about a new version of our system. That has been prepar according to. The nes of the training industry under the guidance of people with years of experience in the field.

This has already l to several large implementations

The training industry and its nes. For some time now we have been observing increas interest in our CRM system among companies operating in the field of all types of training. We spoke with many representatives of such companies establishing cooperation that allow us to learn about the nes of the training industry. The main ne is of course Night Clubs Bars Email Lis the ability to manage learning. This process consists of the following actions Organization of the training venue; Hiring and managing trainers and speakers; Organization of ucational materials; Conducting a telephone and electronic campaign to recruit listeners; Maintaining a list of those interest in the training and willing to participate in the training.

Job Function Email Database

Training is a system for conducting training courses

Appointment of a contact person for communication with interest or willing participants; Set individual tuition prices for each participant and record WS Numbers comments with each participant; Creation of individual training certificates for each participant; Firmao Knowing the nes of the training industry we were able to start working on a system tailor to its nes.  for training companies in Warsaw and Łódź. Our new system allows you to perform all the actions describ in the previous section.

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