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Competition presents many risks.  not support. Second. it does not collect participant data. Third. it doesn’t force you to like a fan page. so it doesn’t mean only fans will enter the contest. This can lead to situations where entrants enter contests just to win small (or larger) prizes easily. As a result. the contest would fail to achieve the company’s main marketing objective. Changes in regulations have also affect companies creating simple applications for small and mium-siz businesses. So why did Zuckerberg change one of his key.

First of all brand image building is

Principles so drastically? the participation of Hungary Phone Number List mobile users in the competition. Unlike posts. apps are not available on mobile devices. This move is also to promote the game and encourage more fans to participate. Will this move really work? From the user’s point of view. this is undoubtly a convenience. Marketers and administrators of large fan pages. on the other hand. view everything with concern. However. like any change. this one will take time for us to understand its consequences. Why do we ne it? The heart tells you to entertain! Mind image! Growing in popularity. but is it also becoming more important to businesses.

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One of the reasons given is to facilitate

We see an increasing interest amongpages and those that clearly serve us entertainment purposes. With the increasing interest of users in social networking sites. the interest of enterprises to communicate with customers through social networking sites has also increas. They succe in part. Many people (potential customers) from or other portals to obtain WS Numbers information about a particular company’s events. consult other Internet users or follow fan pages to participate in.

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