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Installing the module Software for car insurance in the Insurance is a model that depends on how the car is us. According to this concept, prudent drivers should be Installing the module able to pay a lower premium, while those who drive risky or careless should incur higher insurance costs . The use of this model requires consent to monitor the use of the car in order to assess driving style and adjust the rate.

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Earnix offers a solution that allows insurers to gain access to data on drivers’ journeys. The company’s offer is address to insurance Taiwan Mobile Database companies of all sizes. The application allows you to access data on driver behavior and automatically adjust the insurance price . Other solutions of this company help, among others, to process claims for damages. Earnix offers various modern insurtech solutions.

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Automatic consideration of injur parties’ claims. Analyzing clients’ claims for compensation requires a lot of formalities, which WS Numbers makes the  process rather timeconsuming. In addition, there is always the risk of an insurance agent making. A mistake, which can generate additional costs and have a native impact on customer experience and satisfaction. Insurtech companies come to the aid of insurance agencies by creating software capable of automatically verifying customer applications and event documentation provid by them.

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