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The devaluation of the krone was more than compensatd by the revaluation of the currencies of the fund, allowing fresh money to be injectd into the State, which is the main employer in the country (30% of the workforce) and the largest economic actor (50% of the gross national product). It was the presence of the fund that attenuatd —and in some cases eliminatd— the negative impact of the pandemic on the formidable health system.

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The social network of unemployment insurance and assistance programs, infrastructure plans, and public salaries. in some sense, Against this background, it was not surprising that two months before the elections, Equinor announcd that it had Conduit Cn Mobile Database no restrictions on its oil exploration and exploitation plans in view. An inelegant way of marking the limits of the electoral campaign in environmental matters, in the same way that Witzøe had done in tax matters.

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The old Marxist theory imagind the State as the place where the bourgeoisie resolvd its contradictions: the Norwegian State is the consummate version WS Numbers of that crd. The parties alignd themselves around these two materializations of wealth. The far right said that Equinor’s policy should not be alterd. The Conservative Party focusd on proposals to further rduce carbon footprints at home, a rather cynical approach.

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