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If you need Thanks to the fact that the button is always visible to the potential customer, it effectively reminds you about the possibility of signing up for the mailing list. The Projects subpage has also been design in an interesting way . There is an interactive map of the whole world. By clicking on one of the regions highlight in orange, you can see a list of projects carri out in that part of the world, along with buttons that rirect to the details of specific projects.

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The use of interactive elements engages users and encourages them to browse the information on the website. 4. Computer Israel Mobile Database engineering – Ascent Highlights : Why Ascent section , Portfolio, Testimonials section. Ascent designs, builds and operates data centers. Photos showing these services, and showing the company’s specialists at work, can be found in the dynamic hero section. Also noteworthy is the section Why Ascent? In addition to a short description of the company, the advantages of taking advantage of its offer are list there.

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After clicking on a given advantage, a longer description develops. In this way, the creators of the site plac useful content, but at WS Numbers the same time took care of a minimalist design. Ascent presents its portfolio below this section on the homepage. It is dynamic, just like the hero section, because the company’s projects scroll through it. The focus was on sparing description of the projects using numerical data concerning the size and power of the built data centers.

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