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Contribution Some statements in the article rais questions for us. Instead of babbling. about open points and look forward to getting answers. At . we are surpris by the conceptual distinction between hard and soft factors. Are you sure ad recall is a hard factor just because it’s queryable. Are you sure that only emotions affect most decisions. We still have motivations and attitudes that explain buying behavior and decisions. Are you sure that the soft factor’s emotional connection to a brand is a prerequisite for overcoming perceptual filters.

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We explain purchasing and decision-making Cayman Islands Phone Number List and complex way. We start with motivation and boil down personal factors to attitude. which is the most stable factor over time. Then we add the human element. Unfortunately. nowadays these methods (either ) provide little more actionable advice for corporate marketing communications. The results of the study also contribute. for example. to the description of target groups according to socio-demographic criteria. as the lines are becoming increasingly blurr due to digital options. Is there a way in neuromarketing to go beyond the digital combination of big data. marketing automation.

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Social mia. and touchpoint content WS Numbers marketing.  and methods in the knowlge level are provid for discussion on their website ( ). I’m happy to have an answer. ö who. Provides nationwide project management for effective marketing communications. Master analog and digital tools for classic. e-commerce. mobile commerce. and social mia. Make your marketing and communications effective again. ü. Hamburg ü at noon on / / Dear Sir. Thank you for your comment. In the conceptual distinction between hard and soft factors (also known as implicit and explicit.

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