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Slashes have many uses. This is a slash, historically used to mark commas and periods. Today, slashes represent inclusiveness or exclusiveness, fractions, division, and division between calendar dates. Of course, you’ll also see slashes in the URLs of many websites, especially when navigating to pages within a domain name. Symbol: Slash Image credit: Wikipedia Slash is often misused in combinations with two equal parts, such as P/E and commute. Then write the P/E ratio and commute.

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When a slash moves in the opposite direction, it is called a backslash. Nerd tidbits summary: In the distant past, slashes were a variation of vertical stripes and dashes. The Meaning of Typographical Symbols Isn’t it amazing that you have been Egypt Mobile Database reading and writing these typographical symbols your whole life, even if you know very little about some of them? Some are obscure and some are downright confusing. Some you use a lot, but maybe not always in the right way.

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Through my interpretation of the meaning of these typographic symbols, I hope you will recognize these characters as you encounter them. Conversely, before the primaries, a frivolous and arbitrary form of public communication prevailed, which WS Numbers provided the media spark with impromptu and Ambiguous response. For Argentines, implementing an effective communication policy is considered a necessary condition for improving democracy. For Fernandez, it’s a matter of survival.

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