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just look at any graph or percentage data and you can easily conclude that the majority of Internet users (approximately) use the service to search. In second place is the promotion of Microsoft. often claim that it dominates the search engine market because many users are unaware that they can use browsers other than those install by default. Next in popularity is the once mighty Yahoo! Someone with aspirations to at least make the jump to number two.

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To understand the history of search engine cooperation and competition. you ne to go back and then Yahoo! Sign a cooperation agreement with Microsoft. Ultimately. most Azerbaijan B2B List of the search volume for the first company went to its creators. with appropriate financial compensation. of course. Everything indicates that the agreement. which was renew in April. will not be re-sign after a year of validity.Maybe soon there will be an era of simultaneous positioning by two search engines. For the third time. Green Island. the e-commerce sales market. took a closer look at companies relat to e-commerce.

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer apparently

Plans to rebrand her company as a major player in the search engine market. Earlier this year. industry portals announc that Yahoo! Two new innovations are being develop that are likely to be releas shortly after the partnership with Microsoft ends. To be sure. they will allow the company to compete with Google itself. including Danny Sullivan. one of the masters Positioning experts. including . believe that. at least in the field of personal computing. the battle for the throne is long over. and the current victor will also be the last WS Numbers victor. However. there are also growing voices that.


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