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However it should Using a proven web analytics tool will allow you to: Time saving . Highquality tools analyze a wide variety of data. They are equipp with userfriendly panels for data visualization in the form of graphs, charts and diagrams, thanks to which you can quickly However it should interpret the collect information. One click is enough to generate detail reports in one of the select formats, instead of wasting time creating them manually, in Excel.

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Cost ruction Detail analytics provide marketers with the data they ne to plan more effective advertising campaigns, so they can increase Brazil Mobile Database their effectiveness while rucing their advertising spend. Improving the customer experience Access to specific data about your customers’ journey on the website helps you quickly identify problems that they encounter along the way ( difficulties in completing a transaction or frequent landing on a 404 error page.

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You can then take additional actions ( to facilitate the shopping process or finetune website navigation) to change the customer WS Numbers experience for the better. Noticing various functional problems some information ( low traffic on the website), which can be provid by a good analytical tool, may indicate low visibility of your website in the search engine (it is then also worth looking at the issue of technical SEO), and the short duration of the session may suggest not very efficient navigation on the page.

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