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However. given the rate at which technology evolves. what is the norm today could become a relic of the past in a decade or so. Source. Search Engine Journal. Google’s leader in Poland doesn’t have to convince anyone that Google is a popular search engine. This is evidenc by the fact that the concept of Googling for information has permeat everyday language. which is the equivalent of searching for data on a website. In March. a traffic study of select search engines on the website was complet. Surveys show that as many as of Polish Internet users use Google.  Last year (percentage of months). it was down. Despite this. it remains the market leader in Poland Source.

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Of Yahoo! It debut in our country and took the first place in this year’s ranking. At the same time. they post their biggest gains since. The percentage that generat traffic. . In second place is Microsoft’s search engine. This category also includes Polish search engines such as . . and . Business Gazelle among the most dynamic companies in Poland The list of Business Gazelle shows very clear trends in the industry. Many of the China B2B List leading positions in these regions are occupi by companies involv in broadly understood eco-business as well as by businesses engag in highly technologically advanc activities. We read in the introduction to the third Gazelle Business Ranking report the most dynamic companies in the SME group.

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For its revenue growth The sine qua non for gaining Gazelle status is the fulfillment of objective criteria. at least uninterrupt activity since; achieving growth in sales and profits; achieving a sales value in the millions during the audit period; and publishing financial results. We were honor as Business Gazelle at the regional finals evening. which also had the opportunity to exchange views with a panel of experts on economic trends. Entrepreneurs were WS Numbers positively surpris by the obvious optimism express by the guests at the meeting.


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