How to Check the History of an Internet Domain

There are several free tools available online that will allow you to learn everything you need to know about your domain. Here are the most useful:

First, it is worth checking how long the website/domain has existed on the Internet. Thanks to this, you will find out whether you will start building visibility with a clean slate from scratch, or whether the start will be easier (or even more difficult).

You will receive information such as: date of first registration, server type and HTTP response code . The free version of the tool allows you to check several domains in one day.

Internet domain history can it always be checked

The Wayback Machine allows you to see what has happened to a website since it was created. There you will find the content of the website from Whatsapp Database the past, backup copies, and check for possible virus infections. All this will allow you to assess whether it is worth buying such a domain or whether it is better to leave it alone.

How to use the Wayback Machine? Go to the website enter your domain name in the designated box, and then click Enter on your keyboard.

The tool also shows recorded redirects and server errors. In addition, thanks to the available information, you can determine the structure of the page and then recreate it, e.g. in the case of 301 redirects . This will allow you to quickly build good visibility.

Unfortunately It is Not Always Possible to Check

Google search
Sometimes the simplest methods are the best. If you have already used the tools described above, you can also use the WS Numbers Google search engine to be sure, which provides a history of domains available across the entire network.

To start with, it is worth simply entering the name of the domain you want to buy and looking for information about it. Perhaps the previous owner used it for fraud, but it was noticed and described by someone on the Internet.

Then you can use the site: command. To do this, the search bar and click Enter. All subpages available in the Google index should appear in the search results.

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