How to change domains without losing positioning or traffic Real Case and Complete Guide

A little bit of nerves, now without nails on the fingers that have become stumps and the heart that wants to go on sale. Someone has told you that the person you admire so much is going to mention your blog in their talk . The audience is silent, amazed by his oratory and the things he tells and you can only dream of the moment when he mentions you and everyone stands up, applauds, turns to you and gives you that face of “you really know.” man”… Yes, a little crazy, I know. But dreaming is free and a human right . I dream of what I want. In my dreams I’m still hairless, just so you know.

I'm sorry man, but I never remember

The time is coming! “I recommend that you read Víctor Campuzano who explained it well top industry data on his blog becejotase dot… no, wait, uvejatofechose dot net…”. Then he looks at you and says: “Víc, I’m sorry man, but I never remember the address of your blog . ” Everyone laughs and your moment slips away. It’s over. You return home with that feeling of defeat that makes your shadow identical in appearance to that of Montgomery Burns… you cry in solitude, you curse silently, you don’t eat for days and you think that there will never be another chance…

Why think about changing domains? It's not crazy?

Absolutely! Surely you have thought about it more than once. No? Or surely someone will have told you about it. There are many reasons why someone might consider changing their website’s domain . Perhaps the one I have explained to you WS Numbers has been a bit exaggerated, I admit it, you know that I like staging. But you also know that it perfectly illustrates what was happening with my old website domain: It was difficult to pronounce. Worse to remember. Disgusting to write. Difficult to associate with my personal brand.

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