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In the CRM system we can add its manufacturer to the product and automatically. Create an order from the supplier. In the details of such a counterparty information about the company with. Which we cooperate is display. Website email address contact phone number and contact persons. Contractors can be easily divid into manufacturers partners subcontractors and customers making contact. By email very easy. Coffee is deliver by a pre order system thanks to Firmao s integration with courier companies. The owner must pay for the delivery issue an invoice to the recipient from a customiz template and ensure that payment has been made.

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Payment for the order can be made automatically thanks to the integration of the system with online payments. SMSapi SerwerSMS automatically reminds about unpaid bills. The coffee is then deliver this raises the stock status which must be Religious Email List unpack by the appropriate person with an add task in the system. are later replac by actual work hours. Products and batches can be link to a specific task. In Firmao you can easily use the OCR function the system downloads the invoice file and places it in the warehouse.

Job Function Email Database

Hardware collisions can also be enable on the system

A company specializing in roasting coffee uses a coffee oven which present as equipment for Firmao allows users to order for individual employees WS Numbers projects and tasks. but also for the equipment us in the coffee roasting that only a specific person can use the hardware at a time. Firmao has an option that allows you to automatically select a product from the ingrients coffee beans + packaging which automatically updates the warehouse document. Callpage and Livechat on the user s website provide new recipients that are automatically add to the system.

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