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Goal adopted by Twitter Field to emb Twitter posts. Unlike Instagram, it works immiately and does not require any additional actions. Twitter settings in Thunder CMS allow you to emb a post on a page without any additional actions. 6. Pinterest As with Twitter, we emb a link to a post from Pinterest in this field. Pinterest settings in Thunder CMS allow you to emb posts on the page, such as photos and videos.

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Video As in the case of the photo itor, we have the option of selecting a previously add video from the mia library or creating a Henan Mobile Database new video. Thanks to the video itor in Thunder CMS, we can conveniently add any video to the page.In the Thunder CMS itor, we can select a video from the mia library or upload a new one from the computer’s hard drive. When adding a new video, it is also possible to insert a video using a link from websites such as.

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Such a video, depending on the select source, is embd on the website immiately with the appropriate player. 8. Link This field allows you to insert a link along with an optional text under which it should be hidden: Thunder CMS has a field to WS Numbers add a link with a text anchor. 9. Quote This option allows you to create a quote. The Quote field in the CMS itor allows you to add a quote to an article on the page. Please note that we have list above only those sections that are built directly into the Thunder distribution. They cover most of the basic nes of article creation. However, the system itself does not close us to these options only.

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