Given the ease of use and the numerous


An application that can be access  via the web by our team and by customers themselves. With simple and intuitive reporting and graphic display functions. Claris filemaker is a powerful and versatile tool for creating multiplatform applications and over time it has become indispensable for small. M ium and large businesses because it is capable of easily adapting to different business contexts; and. Given the ease of use and the numerous integrations available. It is likely that it will remain among the most us  software in the future. It also has a very collaborative community and. With each version. Features are add  that make the product unique.

The functions found in the mac environment


 How to build a company database with africa email list claris filemaker? Questions and answers claris filemaker questions and answersduring the webinar we saw how it is possible. Remotely with an iphone. To use an application generat  with filemaker. We also collect  the questions that emerg  from our attentive participants. You can find them. With the relevant answers. Below: “is filemaker available on windows?” “obviously yes. Filemaker is multiplatform. The functions found in the mac environment are the same as those found in windows.” “can you link images within filemaker?” “within filemaker we can insert images directly. Incorporating them. Or use links to the image (which must however be accessible); when inserting an image. Simply tick the  store only a reference to the file  option to include the link to the image in the project rather than emb ding it in the project itself.

Taken directly from a mobile device


Is it possible to insert ‘live’ photos. I.e. Taken directly from a mobile device?” “yes. We can choose to directly insert WS Numbers photos from the device gallery or take a photo directly.” “is it possible to load fields with data and perform counts within the app and filter the data by customers/revenue?” “yes. In filemaker there are fields call  ‘summary’ that can make reports of our data.” “can the data be load  from excel only. Or also from company dms? it is also possible to receive data from external sources other than excel.

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