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Founders within the It is easy to implement, but difficult to develop and scale. Microservice architecture an architecture in which the application is divid into several independent microservices (small parts of code that are responsible for different functionalities). This solution is more difficult to implement, but easier to develop and scale. Cloud architecture an architecture where the application is host in the cloud and uses cloud resources such as scalability, reliability and security.

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This model allows for flexibility and scaling of the application depending on the nes. Serverless architecture an architecture Jiangxi Mobile Database where the application is host in the cloud and uses serverless services such as AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or Google Cloud Functions. This model is easy to use and allows you to save costs and only scale when ne. Choosing the right backend architecture depends on the requirements of the application and business nes. It’s always worth considering all your options and consulting with web development experts to choose the best architecture for your particular project.

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Backend database Databases are essential elements of Internet applications that allow you to store, organize and share data. They are WS Numbers us to store information such as data about users, products, orders or transactions. They can also share them with other parts of the system or users. There are two main types of databases relational and NoSQL. Relational databases store data in tables and allow relationships between them. Examples of relational databases are MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle. NoSQL databases store data in a different format than tables and do not allow relationships between them. MongoDB and Ris are examples of NoSQL databases.

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