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For historical timeline However, by choosing the paid version, we get access to additional inspections and modifications that improve the free ones. PHP Annotations As we wrote above, maintaining high code quality is key in the programmer’s work. Another important For historical timeline element to achieve this is proper documentation, so that we and all people who will work with our code in the future have no problem understanding the purpose of individual fragments.

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As a rule, PHP developers use DocBlocks for this purpose. Thanks to the PHP Annotations extension, we will definitely make our Switzerland Mobile Database work easier. The plugin provides many useful automations and improvements, class import annotator, automatic import of aliases or “Goto” for tags. The PHP Annotations plugin provides quite a few useful enhancements and automations Source: Symfony Support If you use Symfony in your work, you should definitely take a closer look at this plugin.

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It provides full support for the mention framework. We can inject dependencies, use templates, and generate the necessary WS Numbers components of our application, such as forms or routings. Symfony Support makes it easier to navigate through the code, and thanks to autocomplete, we will spe up our work , which will certainly become more pleasant as a result of the benefits of using the extension’s new functionalities.

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