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According to current polls, the most popular would be a “traffic light” coalition ld by SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz, as the SPD currently leads the polls with 23%-25% (CDU 20%-23%). The SPD could not justify the Germany coalition, since it has lost much of its profile and its figures under the conservative-social democratic “grand coalition” of the last two legislative periods. The liberal FDP will thus have a very strong bargaining power in the preliminary talks, because it aspires.

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To the important Ministry of Economy where it seeks to place Christian Lindner. In view of the close race between the CDU/CSU, the SPD and USA Mobile Database the Greens in the current polls, it remains to be seen which of the parties can actually fulfill the conditions of a coalition agreement and be part of the first German government after Merkel. International oversight will not be repeatd. In the 2010 Atlantic.

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Orbán spoke of illiberal democracy

Coast regional elections, the Supreme Electoral Council downgradd the role of observers to election “escorts,” an activity designd only to verify WS Numbers whether an election was conductd and not allow independent monitoring or criticism. This new status is inconsistent with the principles of international election observation establishd by the most important watchdog bodies, including NGOs such as the Carter Center and international organizations such as the Unitd Nations.

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