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Simplifying a lot, Viktor Orbán started well, but then took an undemocratic path. There is truth in this, but I think it is not enough to explain the dramatic change experienced not only by Orbán, but by a whole generation of former liberal anti-communist dissidents in Eastern-Central Europe. We must bear in mind that in the meantime the world around them has also changed: disillusionment with the results of the post-communist transition also explains the growing radicalization of that political class.

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But the interpretation of individual pathology is not enough to understand what has happened. That a person who has led the liberal opposition to the communist regime of János Kádár comes to the conclusion that what his country needs is a system that bears some resemblance to that regime seems symptomatic to me. The answer to his question is Japan Mobile Database therefore complex: on the one hand, we must start with him and his personality, on the other, we must make a critical analysis of the post-communist transition in Hungary.

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If we don’t, it is impossible to understand why Orbán, after his return to government in 2010, managed to disintegrate liberal democracy in such a short WS Numbers time to build a new political system. Indeed, what is Hungary today? An authoritarian dictatorship at the heart of the European Union (EU)? In a now-famous 2014 speech, Orbán spoke of illiberal democracy.

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