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The anti-liberal social worldview that is one of the pillars of social Christian thought. 1. However, the continuity ends here. The first fundamental difference is the validity of the idea of ​​diversity. Contrary to the notion of the people encouraged by old-society Catholicism and Catholic nationalists of the past, Francis insisted that his conception of the people was “open” to diversity and “others.” During his trip to Paraguay in 2015, he spoke extensively.

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The subject, stating that “diversity is not only good but necessary” and that “the richness of life lies in diversity”. “Unification invalidates us,” he El-Salvador Mobile Database stressed. Likewise, his defense of immigration goes far beyond issues of humanitarian and charitable nature, creating a synthesis between the concept of man and diversity. Unlike the restrictive and exclusive version of 20th century essentialist nationalism, once dominant among many.

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Catholics, for Francis, “others” do not threaten WS Numbers any fundamental identity, but are far from being “abundance” It’s one of the privileged ways. And develop it. In a recent TV interview he noted, along with journalist Carlos Herrera, that the main challenge now is precisely to create a “difference that will not break down, but live in communion through solidarity and understanding. unity”. Likewise, during the third World People.

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