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Effective allows Image The option of adding and iting a photo, which works exactly on the same principle as describ above in the TEASER section. 3. Gallery Allows you to create photo galleries. The process itself is extremely simple and coincides with what was present above in Effective allows the photo section. The only difference here is the ability to add multiple photos at once. An example of adding a photo gallery in Thunder CMS: In Thunder CMS, users can create their own photo galleries and add multiple images at once.

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The gallery creat in this way will be display on the website in the form of a slider with the option of switching photos, as in the Guangdong Mobile Database picture below: Images add to the photo gallery in Thunder CMS are display in an attractive slide form. 4. Instagram In this field, we can enter the URL to the Instagram post to emb it on the page. Unfortunately, using this option requires additional work from us. For security reasons and Meta policy requirements, authentication is requir.

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We can do this by completing the configuration: /admin/config/mia/instagram-settings. The Instagram settings in Thunder CMS allow WS Numbers you to emb an image from this mia on a website. It is necessary to create an appropriate account in order to obtain the indicat data. Full setup instructions can be found on the official Facebook documentation page.

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