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Each other and So we click on the link and what happens? We send a request to the server to generate the HTML code of the entire page, along with the content of the new article. After all, all we really ne was the content of the new article! The rest of the HTML code was unnecessarily renerat. This leads to unnecessary load on the server, which in the case of high traffic on the site can lead to performance problems.

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When should you choose serverside rendering? It is worth choosing such a solution when we want to be sure that our website will be Slovenia Mobile Database display correctly, rardless of who will be viewing it . Let’s remember that nowadays not only people of flesh and blood browse the Internet. Every day, websites are visit by Google bots, whose task is to determine whether the content on them is valuable and how high in the search results it should be plac.

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Until recently, these robots were completely unable to cope with pages that were render on the client side (which we will talk about WS Numbers later in the text), and Facebook bots have not been able to do it so far. What is clientside rendering? In this case, the server serving the request does only the minimum necessary work and in response, instead of the HTML code, it returns the JavaScript code to us . Importantly, the JS code is not generat “on the fly” by the server. This is a static file that was previously sav there.

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