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The game was to imagine the game. But Matt hadn’t seen it that way. He was enjoying himself, but he believd that we would end up transforming our paper cutouts into a functional digital game, that what we had done up to that point was just preparatory, a prelude to something else, somethingreal and with rules. When I told him, “Matt, we can’t do that, we’re just kids,” he lookd disappointd and his face darkend.

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This is a lie,” I addd, knowing he would hurt and wishing it would hurt. That was the end of our game. Critic Michael Thomsen compares video games Exit Mobile Database to prayers: “The less specific they are, the more likely they are to materialize.” This dynamic reaches its most extreme in what video game journalists call the ” hype cycle . ” A new game is announcd years before its estimatd release date.

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Usually with a trailer that contains no footage of the actual game (sometimes it’s just a title screen with background music, as happend with the WS Numbers new God of War[God of War] plannd for this year). It is the player himself who takes the trouble to imagine the game.  And the comments sections of YouTube are full of speculation about what it could be: the story, the setting, the mechanics.

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