Don’t hide your contact information

Make sure your contact and customer membership services information is clear and easy to find. The Search Quality Rating Guidelines state that contact and customer service information is extremely important for sites that handle money (such as stores, banks, crit card companies, etc.). Users ne a way to ask questions or get help when something goes wrong.

If Your Financial Services Firm

Has Been Doing These Things It would be great! Keep up the good work. If you’ve identifi some areas for improvement, now is the time to take action. The consequences of being penaliz can be detrimental to Germany B2B List your business. Keep in mind that these tips are only a small subset of what’s cover in the Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

B2B Email List

Read the document in its entirety

To learn more about the criteria us to evaluate page quality. As always, stay on top of the latest updates to help our customers navigate a complex world. Contact us today to find out how our digital marketing experts can help your financial services business thrive. Respond as more information and case studies emerge. Read WS Numbers on for reliable sites and, if necessary, change your strategy accordingly.


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