Cross Selling and how does this commercial strategy work?

Have you tried the Cross-Selling strategy within your online or physical business? If you want to increase the final ticket. Perhaps you should not be focusing only on attracting new customers. But on taking advantage of those who do make a purchase or who have already bought from you before. This, far from being a utopia. Is not only possible. As I told you, it can improve your profit percentage considerably. As many brands and companies already do today. However, if you still don’t know what it is or how to apply it in your street or eCommerce store. Don’t worry. Since in this article I will give you advice so that you can also implement it successfully… Let’s start by knowing its definition.

What is Cross Selling and what is it for?

Cross Selling , which could be literally translated into Spanish as “cross-selling”, is a Marketing email database technique that focuses mainly on taking advantage of those customers who have already made a purchase or are currently making one. To achieve this. Sellers must seize the moment and encourage customers to purchase additional products . If successful, the latter will walk away with one or more additional products to the one they originally intended to purchase. Generating more profits for the business. » It is not selling “for the sake of selling” Yes. At first it seems that we would be trying to “sneak in” something extra. But it is important to highlight that.

How does Cross-Selling work and how can you put it into practice on your Website?

An example of a complementary product could be memory cards. Which are necessary to increase the WS Numbers storage space of mobile phones and to be able to use professional cameras. So you could suggest them during the purchasing process. Another example could be taken in those products that are usually used together, such as clothing. Generally, if someone buys a new sweatshirt , there is a chance that they will want another item of clothing that matches and fits well. It is at that point where you as a seller should apply Cross-Selling, advising and recommending something that could go well with the sweatshirt.

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