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Discussing new The task of specialists is to look at them from a distance and from the customer’s perspective to understand why they care so much about these specific solutions. To get to know your client better, organize a series of workshops . During them, you can discuss his business goals , nes, and talk about the profiles of potential users. It is also worth asking the contracting authority to fill in a previously prepar questionnaire, the analysis of which by the contractors of the project will dispel some doubts rarding the nes of the contracting authority.

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When creating a website, UX/UI designers, programmers and other experts just ne to put aside their habits and favorite solutions and listen carefully to what the client is asking for. If they believe that something can be done differently Taiyuan Mobile Database than suggest by the ordering party, they can always suggest implementing alternative functionalities, but the final decision is made by the ordering party. 2. Implement tools that facilitate communication with the client Proper communication requires two things openness to the other person’s opinions and tools enabling the transfer of information. During such an ambitious business project as creating a website , it is worth meeting the client face to face at least by video conference.

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Then it is necessary to ensure a good internet connection, a highquality microphone, silence in the background and turn on the WS Numbers camera. The implementation of project management tools ( Asana, Trello, ClickUp, etc.) guarantees transparency and easy transfer of information on the progress of work. In addition, you can invite the client to exchange information via Messenger or Slack, which will allow him to send quick inquiries or send information necessary to the team working on the project.

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