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Request for our support of companies through seminars. training courses. consulting methods and coaching! How can we help you. WIN FREE TICKETS TO MARKETING DAY COLOGNE DRAW There are only two weeks left until Marketing Day in Cologne and the German Marketing Academy is celebrating with a big raffle. Free Tickets to Marketing Day Cologne on / All you ne to do is get oneSend one Email to an email address with the subject of Free.

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Tickets and your contact details. We will draw one winner from all entries. Take the opportunity to experience exciting lectures.  a unique location. Information about Marketing Days in Cologne is here. Best of luck to all involv! Legal process is exclud. . Anyone who doesn’t want to rely on luck can get tickets directly at. This article was publish on Exciting Insights Sales Speakers This is the final part of our series of interviews with speakers at Marketing Finland Phone Number List Days Cologne. Mr. from will be speaking on the following topics. Online and Offline Sales Success in Tourism Adding We ask him five exciting questions. About My Name Is.

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I Am Co-Owner Also Managing  and quality supplier in Portugal and Southern Europe for many years. Our motto is to only offer our clients vacations that we would do ourselves. Her presentation revolv around the theme of the successful complementarity of online and offline travel sales. What content should we look forward to. In this interesting WS Numbers talk. I want to introduce the current state of travel sales and reflect its development with examples. We’re all travel consumers. but there’s more going on behind the scenes. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing marketers this year. Travel trends and consumer behavior are constantly changing. and serenity can only be found in.

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