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Different versions of This gives us the opportunity to build our collection of mia that can be us many times in different ways, without having to fill the disk space with the same pictures. Thunder CMS allows us to select ready-made graphics from the existing photo gallery and add them to the article. We import photos. Here, as standard, we can upload a photo from our computer. Thunder CMS allows you to import graphics from your computer’s hard drive and add them to your mia library.

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However, the possibilities do not end with just adding a photo. Each photo can be describ with a number of fields, such as: name: the main Exit Mobile Database name of the photo, with which we will be able to search for it in the future, tags: creat in exactly the same way as describ above, alternative text: photo description us by screen readers for the blind, and also important for website SEO , title: title of our photo, description: description of the photo and its content, crits: author and source, if the photo is not ours, expires: date indicating when the photo will expire.

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This field is us in more complex cases, such as the purchase of rights to a photo for a certain period of time. For each image in Thunder WS Numbers CMS you can assign name, tags, alt description, title, author and source. An additional, invisible at first glance, function in Thunder CMS is the ability to select a “point of interest” in the photo, symboliz by a cross icon. By clicking anywhere on the graphic, we can select its most important point. This is us when cropping the photo and cropping it.

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