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Instead, In his statement, basd on the definitions of history and openness, the notion of identity as a cultural construction is explicitly defendd in the constant precipitation, in addition, basd on “the transcendental dignity of the human being. The subject of natural rights that no one can violate: Even individuals, groups, social classes, nations or nations. In other words, what Francis speaks of is far from being considerd a fundamental unit determind by origin.

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On the other hand, he explicitly rejects the stubborn claims of the traditionalist sector and clarifies that his intervention should not be understood Uruguay Mobile Database as a manifestation of the church that claims to have a “monopoly of truth.” In Bolivia in 2015, he insistd: “Neither the Pope nor the Church has a monopoly on the interpretation of social realities or proposals for solutions.There are no secrets.” However, the fact that there are no recipes should not prevent us from remembering that “right.

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The love of the poor is at the heart of the Gospel.” In conclusion, a far cry from the essentialism of other times, the notion of the people came into WS Numbers play in Francis as the cornerstone of his intendd new compact between the global and the particular, centerd on the defensive periphery. Furthermore, as I pointd out in another article, a confirmd covenant exists to defend the transcendental foundations of the idea of ​​equality and fraternity.

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