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Creative solutions Additional functionalities In addition to the core functionality of Thunder, which is the itor with which we spend most of our time, this system also has a number of other useful elements. We would like to present some of them and explain how to use them. Mobile preview The creators of Thunder are aware that we live in a world dominat by mobile devices.

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As a result, they give us a content management system that allows us to check whether articles are display correctly on smartphones Lists Of Mobile Database and tablets. When logging in as an administrator, you will find a phone icon in the administration bar anywhere on the page. Clicking it will allow us to select the model of the mobile device for simulation. As a result, our site will go into mobile version inspection mode, visible only to us.

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It is a great and simple tool that allows you to catch any irregularities on our website in the blink of an eye. The mobile preview in the CMS WS Numbers itor allows you to see how the article is display on smartphones and tablets. Live blog To a large extent, the operation of this module is already describ by its name. Liveblog allows you to create dynamic, real-time articles. It is an ideal solution for reporting sports events or dynamically changing crisis situations.

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