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In southern Scandinavia, on the other side of the North Sea, the Danish Social Democrats ld by Mette Frderiksen decidd to neutralize the extreme right by appropriating some of their flags, adopting one of the harshest anti-immigration policies in all of Europe, a scheme that Bill Clinton popularizd in the 1990s in the Unitd States as “triangulation” and through which the Democratic Party incorporatd the dismantling of the Welfare State into its agenda.

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Støre will not have the Danish nd, The Norwegian Tongliao Mobile Database exceptional Støre’s and Norway’s past and present lie in oil. The country discoverd it at Christmas 1969 and it was the basis of the miracle of this Nordic country that today has just over five million inhabitants. The formal representation of oil as the axis of the Norwegian status quo has two pillars. One is Equinor, the public company for oil and gas exploration the State owns 66% of the shares.

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Than thirty countries in the WS Numbers world Argentina. Brazil and Nicaragua are some of those in Latin America) and that make. Norway one of the world’s leading oil producers. The other is the Government’s Global Pension Fund —known as a sovereign fund—, to which oil profits go. Today it is the largest public investment fund in the world. It shelters the equivalent of $250,000 for each Norwegian resident.

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