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Conduct extensive  In this text, we will look at one of them – Bootstrap Layout Builder, which aims to adapt the Layout Builder to Bootstrap specifics . Bootstrap Layout Builder – general information The Drupal Bootstrap Layout Builder module adds support for a responsive grid and many UX improvements. It supports Bootstrap version 3, 4 and is ready for version 5. The module also supports adaptation to other frameworks. However, such a procure requires time and a good understanding of the specifics of a given framework.

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The main functionalities of the module include: support for mobile devices, the ability to configure sections or Layout Builder interface, the ability to set images or videos as the background of the section, and many advanc settings that Kuwait Mobile Database allow you to configure practically everything that the module offers. Popularity of the module The Bootstrap Layout Builder module uses about 5500 pages. The vast majority of sites use this tool in version Statistics showing the number of pages using Bootstrap Layout Builder Source: Drupal Module authors.

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The main developer of the module is Mahmoud and Aaron Christian (AaronChristian) is also on the list of main mainterns. In addition, the WS Numbers module is support by two organizations, which develops and supports the module, and ImageX, which partially support the development of the module in version . Module installation The module in version Defines a dependency to another Drupal module – Bootstrap Styles. By selecting Composer , all ne libraries and modules will be install automatically.

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