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An intuitive and powerful visual builder suitable for designers and non-programmers alike. An impressive set of ready-made templates and components to speed up design and development. Built-in CMS and e-commerce functionality. High-quality hosting with support for SSL and custom domains. Minuses: The focus is on building websites, with less emphasis on building web applications. Can be tricky for beginners, especially those with no design or development experience. API support is limited and may not meet the needs of all web applications. 10.

Makerpad focuses on enabling

Makerpad Makerpad is a platformno-code, which allows users to create web applications by connecting various popular tools and services, such asAirtable, Zapier Bahamas Phone Number List and Stripe, to create custom workflows and process automation. Users to create functional apps through powerful integrations and interactive guides. Key Features Wide range of integrations: Makerpad has a wide range of integrations with popular tools and services, includingAirtable, Mailchimp, Google Sheets and Stripe. Users can easily connect these tools to create their own workflows and processes. Community and Learning Resources: Makerpad primarily.

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Individual pricing is available

Teaches users how to build web applications with toolsno-code. Their extensive library of tutorials, lessons, challenges, and workshops helps users build their apps without the need for programming knowledge. Collaboration WS Numbers in a team. Allow teams to work together on projects, providing support for creating, managing, and sharing workflows with team members. Templates. The platform offers many application templates and examples to help users get started on their projects. Prices Makerpad offers two main pricing plans: Pro Plan: This plan costs $25 per month (billed annually). It provides full access to the learning platform, contributor community, and support. Team plan: for teams and organizations, offering additional features such as team collaboration, customized learning paths, and priority support.

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