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On the client’s side, people who will be involv in the project and will be able to efficiently answer the questions of the project manager and programmers should be responsible for communication. This will allow for smooth and effective work. It is also good that people on the client’s side are available to the extent that regular meetings are possible to discuss the progress of the project and any problems that may arise during the implementation of the website.

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It should also be remember that all those involv in communication efficiently use the same language, thanks to which they will avoid Pakistan Mobile Database misunderstandings and understatements in the arrangements. Stages of web project management The implementation of any project, large or small, always consists of processes that follow one another. For example, we will not start testing until the functionalities are written by programmers, and they do not start working without a plan and a list of requirements to be met when implementing the application.

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Below is a brief overview of what the project management process looks like when creating a complex website. Gathering WS Numbers assumptions and requirements The first necessary step that opens the process of implementing a complex website project is to collect all the information that may affect the work of graphic designers and programmers during the implementation of the project. All requirements should be describ in a clear and unambiguous way.

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